Technology is responsible for the lack of communication between children and parents

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  1. In almost every household, there’d definitely be at least 1 computer and 2 television. The internet is getting more advanced as well, with the creation of online networking and online games, children are spending most of their time in their rooms playing computer, rather than spending time with their family.

  2. Children are getting addicted to their video games and television that they lose their discipline and don’t know when to stop. They get upset when parents lecture them for using the television or computer too long. They get rewarded with technology and they receive technology-based birthday presents. All which are addictive and destructive will cause the children to distant themselves to satisfy their entertainment. The children often neglect their parents and soon, the parents will find the children not obeying them. Children also find it better to tell their problems to their online friends, so when is it time for family gathering ?

  3. I do not agree that technology is responsible for the lack of communication between a child and his/her parent.
    Instead, I feel that the root cause lies with the parents.
    Parents play an important role during a child’s development. At such a stage, I believe that the parent should try to build a bond with the child through communication. If this bridge is not built, communication, from a young age, has already been dismissed from their live.
    Thus, parents are responsible for the lack of communication between their child and themselves.

  4. Children these days are very different from those in the past. In the past, children play skipping rope, hopscotch and marbles, but now computer, cell phones, X Box and Playstation replaced them. Children tend to spend most of their day in school, and after school will be their precious time with these technological devices. They are so obsessed to playing them until they often neglect their parents and schoolwork. With the lack of communication with their parents, children tend to do wrong things. Technology is partly responsible for problems like this and the lack of communication between children and parents.

  5. Technology is responsible for the lack of communication between children and parents. Nowaday children are different from the past. In the past, the everyday life for children are very simple and they tends to spend more time with their parent.Since tehnology is get more advancing, children tend to spend most of their on computer, playstation and television. This result lack of communication between children and parents.

  6. The time spend with their parents is getting lesser and lesser as children tend to spend most of their time on computer.this also result children to be lazy and their study will be neglect. Parents scold their children if they spend to much time on computer, television and playstation. Children of course will be angry with their parent if they lecture them. this will result poor relationship between parents and children. Children will not obey their parents or listen to what their parents.

  7. however i believe that technology is not only the factor that cause the lacking of communication between parents and children. example is generation gap.Children often feel that they have a generation gap with the oldies as they feel that their parents’ way of thinking and lifestyle are completely different from them. To them, there seems to be an invisible wall between them and their parents which prevents them from interacting and communicating with each other.
    so children should interact with their parent more often,be more unerstanding and listen to their parents. parents should play more attention and give more care and love to their children. this will not result the lack of communication between them and wiil strengthen their relationship.

  8. This is a good topic that allows a lot of discussion. Many of your arguments are good and well-balanced

  9. I think technology is only one of the reasons that resposible for the lack of communication between children and parents. Nowadays, parents have to do their work by using laptop,handphones and so on;children love to play computer games,chat online,sending message through handphone or email…People’s interest are most likely have to do with technologies, but it does not mean that technology ir resposible for the lack of communication between children and parents.A family with good communication between each other might also involves lots of technological activities, indeed,technology can become a tool or media for the communication between each other. For example, some people donot like to tell things face to face, they can open their heart through online chatting or messages;in this way, technology become a media to connect children and parents.Thus, it even improved the communication between children and parents.

  10. I agree that technology is responsible for the lack of communication between children and parents. This applies to me. I take myself as an example. When my mother asked me to do something for her, i would usually be surfing the net and chatting with my peers. Most of the time I would not take much notice of what is being told as I would be distracted by what is going on on the screen. Thus this leads to a lot of communication problems between my parents and me.

  11. How well do you communicate with your family? How much do you respect your family? How far do you treasure family gatherings? For people that do not bother about such, it may be due to family problems, are in bad company or is plainly influenced by the lastest technology. If people can even out their timings in their schedules, technology may not harm the communication between parents and children. If kids are mature enough to understand that games and whatever that attract their attention is not what creates their future, they will learn how to refrain themselves from it. Technology is useful in too many ways, yet just as harmful. Parents should patiently communicate with their children to let them understand this. Parents play the biggest role in their children’s lives.

  12. Nowadays, every household will have at least one computer in their homes. Children had addicted to this technology such as computer games, Xbox, PSP, television and a lot more. Children will have a lesser time to communicate with their parents as they spent a lot of time with this technology more than the surrounding they had. I think that parents should responsible for the lack of communication with their children because technology cannot stop the children playing but parents can. It is important that parents should care more about their children and communicate well so that children will not get to do the wrong things.

  13. Some parents and children like to blame on other things rather than themselves for not being able to communicate well with each other.What about time management problem?Is that an issue too?Of course.If the parents are working they would reached home late at night.Say a few words to their children and doze off.This things goes on and on for the rest of their working days.Children then are left being too busy with their extra curriculum activities and such that they too does not have sufficient time to spend with their parents.Weekends are the only days for family to sit down and talk but some may be too tired and some may rather choose to go out with their friends instead as they had been spending 5/7 days with their friends.So is it wise to only blame on technologies?Or time management?What about ourself as an individual?Don’t we have our own roles to play?

  14. In my opinion, technology can not be blamed in this topic. Actually, it depends on how much the parents and children are close. The lack of communication may occur when the parents are very busy with their business. As a consequence, children will spend their time in going out with friends or playing games. As the time goes by, it seems that technology is responsibility for the lack of communication between children and their parents.

  15. As the technology has developed, we spend most of our time by playing games or using internet. We cannot deny that we give less time to communicate with our parents than when we were young. It is not only because of the technology, but also we have many things to do and learn. Therefore, technology could not be blamed for the lack of communication between parents and children. It will be good if we can manage our time well.

  16. If we can manage our time well,there will not be the lack of communication between our parents and us. As long as we and our parents are happy with each other, we will have the communication between us. Even if we are too busy by going to school and doing homeworks, we will have the weekends to go out and eat together. Therefore, technology could not be blamed for the lack of communication between children and their parents. It all depends on the parents and their children themselves.

  17. I agree to a certain extend that technology is responsible for a lack of communication. People nowadays seem to be more interested in dealing with the technology they are into such as PSP and msn, rather than to sit down and have a great chat with their parents. Straight away after having family dinner, teenagers would just hide themselves in their rooms and deal with their ‘technology’. Teenagers tend to forget about the important of communication with their families. Its one of the family values that people should keep up to, to keep the family bonded together well. However if the parents they themselves are not the ones keeping the children included as in like part of the family (Care and concern).Then we shouldn’t blame the teenagers for keeping all their personal problems away from them, they would rather talk to their friends about it through msn. Technology seems to be a source for teenagers to deal with when they haven got much to talk to their parents.

  18. However, I also disagree that technology is responsible for a lack of communication. Sometimes technology helps to bond families together too. Movies, television programmes and some simple home entertainment actually is a daily or weekend activities that family enjoy together. Family watches a show and laughs and discusses about the show, pull family communication together. Everyone would feel relaxed and comfortable of how fun it is to have family around them and there are some much joy brought through technology which eventually helps in their communication.

  19. I do agree to a certain extent, for we cannot blame everytyhing on technology. Humans ‘created’ technology, so humans should have the ability to have a control over it and not be ‘controlled’ by it. So i have to agree that it is the human that decides whether technology should affect a relationship or not; and not whether technology is the cause of it.

  20. Personailly, i felt that Technology is not totally responsible for the lack of communication between children and parents. Nowadays, parents are very busy in their career thus they lack the time for their children.Technology like the invention of computor games and PSP do mot totally cause lack of communication between parent and children but instead help them to kill time while they are not with their parents. This causes addiction to it, hence,when their parents do find the time for their children, they are engross to their video games.

  21. Technology is only one branch on why chilren and parents lack communication.Indeed, technology is taking up time in our lives, but if parents and children are willing to make time for one another, value their ties more, i don’t see how a lack of communication would happen. A little more effort is needed. It takes two hands to clap,thus we can’t blame technology when such matters surfaces and forget the benefits it provided us, like keeping us company when we are all alone.

  22. technology are supposed to be a blessing, so why is it causing much debating and negotiates ? children, especially young boys do get addicted to computer/online games. so whose fault is it when such things occur? parents or children ? personally speaking, none is at fault. parent should have a talk with their children to spend only a certain time on computer games and educate them that having dinner together as a family is extremely important as it builds up relationship between parents and children.

    on the other hand, sometimes children devote their time into computer games because they want to stay away from parents’ constant nagging and to prevent conflicts. in any case, i feel its best to sit down and have a nice chat.

  23. Personally i feel that technology is a cause for the lack of communication between parents and their children, even though it may not be the main cause. Like what some people are thinking, many a times parents or the children or both the party should be blamed for causing this lack of communication among themselves, but i just want to say that we can never neglect that technology do play a part in causing insufficient communication for the both party. Just imagine, how many teenagers nowadays really do sit down on a sofa and have a heart to heart talk with their parents, I believe that many young adults actually do blog, but how many of them actually share what that is on their blog with their parents? They would rather blog it out and share with their fellow good friends, isn’t it?

  24. Technology is not taking up time in our life, because it is slowly becoming part of our everyday life. Lots and lots of primary school students now have their own desktop at home, this is because that their parents’ income are increasing. This causes those kids to put down their school bags, run towards their desktop and indulge in their cyber world. Therefore i strongly believed that technology more or less does cause the lack of communication between parents and their children.

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